The secret to cooking beans (that will not give you gas)

01/18/2012 20:17

The secret to cooking beans (that will not give you gas)

Beans are full of fiber and protein can be good in a variety of ways, they have no fat and they are inexpensive…so why are we not using them more.   I am going to be working at more ways to cook them and hope you will be to.

The secret to cooking beans to keep them from giving you gas is to first rinse your beans under running water.  Place beans in a bowl and fill with water and let soak overnight.

Place beans in a stockpot and cover with fresh water and bring to boil, you will see the white skim come to the top…this is the sugars and starch that cause gas.  Pour the beans in a colander and rinse with cold water.  Place beans back in the pan or in a crock pot and cover with liquid and cook at a low heat under tender.  This is a good time to add seasoning. 

Tip…do not add any acid while cooking the beans, like tomatoes or tomatoes product as this will skip the cooking process…ever have beans that just did note get soft?  This is probably why.