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SEC OPEN for lunch and dinner Thrus

04/26/2013 09:55
SPRING QUARTER 2013 LUNCHEONS AND DINNERS   Food Service students enrolled in the Banquet Operations and Management class and Meal Service I class will be preparing/serving luncheons and dinners during the Spring Quarter.    By attending and supporting these luncheons and...

Keeping your pantry fresh

02/17/2013 09:06
Some quick guide lines to a fresh pantry Keeping your Pantry Fresh.doc (25,5 kB)

Peanut Butter Breakfast Bars

02/17/2013 08:55
A great recipe to start your day! Peanut Butter Bars.pdf (69,1 kB)

Some new recipes for you to try

01/25/2013 18:30
Chocolate pudding with tufu.pdf (63,7 kB) Crab Cakes.pdf (70,3 kB) Double Chocolate Cake.pdf (71 kB)  

Cooking with Soy

01/23/2013 14:45
Bean%20Team%20Salsa.pdf (26,8 kB) Bread ,machine potato bread.pdf (40,2 kB) Cherry Tofu Delight.docx (38,7 kB) Cherry%20Almond%20Muffins(1).pdf (131,5 kB)  

Brased Turkey with Americans Test Kitchen

11/18/2012 08:56

Talking Turkey with Epicuious

11/18/2012 08:52

Chia Seeds

10/23/2012 10:17
What Are Chia Seeds? When you hear "chia" your first thought may be of the green fur or hair of Chia Pets, collectible clay figurines. But did you know that chia seeds can also be a healthful addition to your diet? Chia seeds come from the desert plantSalvia hispanica, a member of the mint...

FALL QUARTER 2012 Lunches and Dinners at SCC

10/16/2012 14:24
SCC is now open for lunch and dinner every Thrusday, make you reservation earlyFALL QUARTER 2012 LUNCHES AND DINNERS.docx (15,9 kB)

Derling Chefs, by Maggie Pleskac & Sean Carmichael

09/09/2012 09:20
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